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Verdasi realtime financial data allows you to stay ahead of the curve.


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Verdasi Financial Data

The Verdasi platform monitors and aims to facilitate exchange wide coverage of the NASDAQ, AMEX, NYSE and TSX stock exchanges. In addition providing historic intraday price data, Verdasi provides trading tools meant to help investors make education decisions when placing trades.

Verdasi trading tools are available for free, and can help you to time your trades, identify temporary dips and will help you to visualise your portfolio. View stock prices by exchange, or view exclusive market insights to identify top gainers or losers. Build your watchlist to monitor symbols, or setup price alerts to notify you of important changes to your positions.

You can choose to receive email, text messages, app notifications and even a phonecall when your alerts are triggered. Stay ahead of the trading curve with Verdsi.

It is free to create an account and setup a reasonable number of market alerts. If you need a high volume of alerts, please contact us. 

The Verdasi platform monitors the stock prices from NASDAQ, AMEX, NYSE and TSX for the latest stock prices during market hours.

The cryptocurrency prices displayed on Verdasi are displayed in real-time with minutary ticks on visual charts. You can watch the price of your favorite cryptocurrency change in real-time.

The Verdasi platform monitors over 70 cryptocurrency prices allowing you to stay up to date on your entire portfolio.

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