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$306.68 USD
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Microsoft Corporation Common Stock (MSFT) - Live Price

Microsoft Corporation Common Stock

Microsoft Corporation Common Stock (MSFT) is a highly sought-after investment for those seeking a stake in one of the world's leading technology companies. Founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, Microsoft has evolved from a small-scale venture to a behemoth in the software industry. The company's flagship products, such as Windows, Office, and Xbox, have become synonymous with innovation and reliability. MSFT shares trade on various stock exchanges, including the Nasdaq, providing investors with a liquid and secure means to participate in the company's growth. As a diversified investment, Microsoft's stock offers a mix of steady dividends and potential capital appreciation, making it a popular choice for conservative and aggressive investors alike. In this introduction, we have discussed the founding, growth, and product offerings of Microsoft, as well as the stock's trading venues and the diverse investment opportunities it presents.

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How Many People are employed by Microsoft Corp.?

How are Microsoft Corporation Common Stock divided?

Approximately 6.26% of Microsoft Corporation Common Stock are owned by individual stakeholders. Mutual Funds actively invest in Microsoft Corp., controlling roughly 40.19% of all Microsoft Corporation Common Stock.

  • Individual Stakeholders: 6.26%
  • Mutual Fund: 40.19%
  • Other Institutions: 0.00%

How much is Microsoft Corporation Common Stock stock worth?

Microsoft Corporation Common Stock (MSFT) is worth $306.68 USD as of July 23, 2024, 8:45 pm UTC time.
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