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What is a Stock Watchlist?

When dealing with stock trading, it's essential to keep track of the crucial securities to identify an investment opportunity. A set of these securities monitored is what we term a stock watchlist. These are several symbols revolving around stocks meant to help you be up to date with funds, stocks, currencies, indexes, rates, plus much more.

With the highly dynamic stock markets, it’s humanly impossible to follow every detail about the firms on stock markets. A stock watchlist will simplify the monitoring by letting you focus on what’s essential to your trading style and preference. When you need to keep track of what matters most to you to spot better investment opportunities, you’ll need the services of a financial and brokerage platform.

Why Do You Need A Trading Watchlist?

Keeping track of watchlists plays a vital role in the successes of day traders. Typically, a stock watchlist offers several perks that any trader can benefit most from, whether a novice or veteran. These include:

  • Eliminate trading complexities
    Stock trading is not a walk in the park. It needs a lot of input in terms of research, keeping up to date with trends, and a curious eye. A watchlist will simplify your trading by allowing you to keep track of everything.
  • Spot opportunities
    With a watchlist, you can monitor some key aspects of a particular firm and identify when a lucrative trading opportunity presents itself.
  • Filter out the chaff
    In stock trading, not every element will be always essential. A stock watchlist lets you only track what is most relevant to you while removing the noise.
  • Easier to use
    By scanning the entire stock market for you, you’re left with very little work to ensure you run lucrative investment portfolios.

How Can You Create A Stock Watchlist?

Most financial websites and applications offer free and premium platforms to help investors create their watchlists. Additionally, you can also use the services of online brokers to build and monitor your watchlists.

With a well-organized stock watchlist, you can track your portfolio performance, spot opportunities, monitor popular stocks, plus much more.

Verdasi provides a watchlist that allows you to track all of the prices for the security and CryptoCurrency within your portfolio.  Providing a single location to view live stock prices, you can manage your watch list in a single click while browsing securities on our platform by clicking the “Add to Watchlist” icon. 

Your watchlist will always display the latest price for all of the securities that you have added, and will render a chart for you to see the latest trading activity at a glance. For a more detailed view, click into one of your stock or cryptocurrencies to view historic data, or setup price alerts to notify you when the price changes meet your selected criteria.  Not sure what stocks to watch? You can view our constantly updated list of stock exchanges and cryptocurrency prices to find trending securities, and can add them to your watchlist for closer monitoring with one press.  

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