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What are Technology Stocks?

There's no limit to the type of industry an investor can put their money into when it comes to stock investment. Where you choose to invest is mainly dictated by how well versed you are with the industry plus how lucrative it can be. The technology sector is one of the largest, with a wide variety of sub-sections such as software developers, device manufacturers, cloud computing, streaming service providers, and more.

Technology Stocks Explained

Technology stocks, often shortened as tech stocks, are shares from firms in the tech industry. The industry is pretty huge and encompasses IT, telecommunications, computer software, hardware, and electronics.

There's always talk and speculation in investors' world about which tech firm is on the lead, trailing, and such. When the topic of tech stocks comes into the airwaves, most people associate them with small and medium innovative firms. But the truth is that they also include the tech giants like Google, Apple, Facebook, Netflix, and Microsoft.

Both the small and big tech firms contribute to the growth of stocks in the industry, providing investors with over-average returns. These returns attained an all-time high in 2020. It's a highly lucrative investment and always attracts attention from budding and seasoned traders.

What Are The Various Types of Tech Stocks?

The tech stocks are broad and can fall into different sub-sections depending on the type of commodities dealt with. With the many innovations within technology recently, the list of areas of opportunity within the tech industry is constantly growing. Below is a list of the most common types of technology stocks being invested in.


These are shares from companies that offer broadband, telephone networks, among others. Some of the firms under this category include Verizon, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp, among others.

Stocks from these firms tend to be high, although the 2019-2020 period experienced a downward trend in growth.


The stocks under hardware are mainly from firms that manufacture technology hardware devices such as computers, smart devices, consumer electronics, printers, routers, televisions, phones, etc. Some of the companies in this sector include Samsung, HP, Lenovo, Apple, IBM, Dell, and Panasonic, among others.


The software bracket is one of the widest, with companies from consumer to business enterprise-class of software. It also covers social media mobile apps. Firms under this category include Oracle, Adobe, IBM, VMWare, Microsoft, SAP, and Nutanix.

During the 2019-2020 period, Adobe, Microsoft, and Saleforce recorded a 50% value increase.


These are stocks from companies that manufacture mini-gadgets, chips, and other computer internal components using semiconductors. Dominant firms in the sector include Qualcomm, Micron Technology, Intel, Texas Instruments, and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

Why Do Tech Stocks Attract More Investors?

The tech stocks always seem to outshine most of the other equiti

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Abcam plc American Depositary Shares (ABCM)
$17.27 USD
Live ABCM Price
ARCA biopharma Inc. Common Stock (ABIO)
$2.09 USD
Live ABIO Price
Acer Therapeutics Inc. Common Stock (DE) (ACER)
$0.77 USD
Live ACER Price
Achilles Therapeutics plc American Depositary Shares (ACHL)
$0.87 USD
Live ACHL Price
Achieve Life Sciences Inc. Common Shares (ACHV)
$8.41 USD
Live ACHV Price
Acorda Therapeutics Inc. Common Stock (ACOR)
$0.47 USD
Live ACOR Price
Adaptive Biotechnologies Corporation Common Stock (ADPT)
$6.40 USD
Live ADPT Price
Aerie Pharmaceuticals Inc. Common Stock (AERI)
$15.25 USD
Live AERI Price
Acutus Medical Inc. Common Stock (AFIB)
$0.90 USD
Live AFIB Price
Agenus Inc. Common Stock (AGEN)
$1.55 USD
Live AGEN Price
Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation Common Stock (AGTC)
$0.39 USD
Live AGTC Price
AdaptHealth Corp. Class A Common Stock (AHCO)
$11.04 USD
Live AHCO Price
Allogene Therapeutics Inc. Common Stock (ALLO)
$6.49 USD
Live ALLO Price
Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. Common Stock (ALXN)
$182.50 USD
Live ALXN Price
ANI Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ANIP)
$37.70 USD
Live ANIP Price
Applied DNA Sciences Inc. Common Stock (APDN)
$1.04 USD
Live APDN Price
Aprea Therapeutics Inc. Common stock (APRE)
$3.84 USD
Live APRE Price
argenx SE American Depositary Shares (ARGX)
$399.12 USD
Live ARGX Price
Atossa Therapeutics Inc. Common Stock (ATOS)
$0.67 USD
Live ATOS Price
Atara Biotherapeutics Inc. Common Stock (ATRA)
$2.75 USD
Live ATRA Price

Why Do People Invest in Technology Stocks?

The tech sector offers a great investment opportunity for a wide variety of investors, both budding and seasoned. It's the market's largest segment that overshadows all the other sectors, including industrial and financial.

What makes the technology stocks lucrative is their exciting nature. They're often associated with inventions and innovations that fuel a steady stream of returns to the investors. However, it's worth noting that it's also one sector with the highest level of risks.

Investors who are after long-term investment opportunities should never get discouraged by the high-risk levels. Although the rest of the stock market experienced a tough 2020, the tech industry maintained a steady growth.

If you've developed an interest in tech stocks lately and are considering venturing in, here are a few reasons why you shouldn't hesitate any longer.

Hot Trends Drive Tech Stocks

When the time factor is considered, the tech stocks often tend to outshine the rest of the markets. The reason is that tech companies can build disruptive services and products that can create a whole new market and earn more revenue.

In addition, any new trends in the market can create a long-lasting upsurge in the value of tech stocks. For instance, when the 5G network first arrived, companies like Apple that didn't have anything to fuel their growth suddenly became supercharged.

The annual sales of iPhone had reached a maximum in 2015, after which the firm experienced flat growth. The plateaued curve later experienced a decline. However, things are changing for the company since the 5G wireless network came into place. With the release of the 5G iPhone 12, more customers found a reason to embrace the new trend, and this sent the company to the peak of smartphone sales.

Apple dominates the sale of 5G smartphones by30% and is anticipated to record another high mark in 2021.

Tech Companies Remain Steady

Unlike the rest of the stock market, the tech stocks experienced massive growths in 2020 despite the Covid-19 pandemic hitting the markets real hard. Some of the investors developed cold feet that the growth enjoyed by the firms last year would shy off in 2021. However, that hasn't happened yet.

One of the firms that debunked the misconception is Chewy, an online pet store. In the fiscal year of 2020, Chewy attained a 47% growth in revenue to a whopping $7.15 billion. The company is looking forward to further expansion of 25% in revenue by the end of 2021.

Many other firms such as Twilio also recorded massive revenue growths last year by 55%. This year the firm seems to enjoy a similar revenue growth momentum. During the first quarter of 2021, the company attained a 61% growth in revenue. It also expects a further 50% hop by the end of the third quarter.

From these growth trends amid the Covid-19 pandemic, it's clear that tech stocks didn't feel the pinch that other equities felt. As such, the prevailing pandemic situation shouldn't raise any concerns for those looking to invest in tech stocks.

Should I invest in Tech Stocks?

As mentioned earlier, with few exceptions, tech stocks can be considered highly volatile and that is one the reason why some investors choose to stay away from it. However, due to technology's pervasiveness, avoid tech stock is a limited view that prevents an investor from the powerful driver of modern economies. The best approach would be to research carefully the different tech sectors worth investing in. But generally, tech stocks promise lucrative returns if investors carefully put in their fortunes.