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What are Gainers or Winners in Stocks?

Without knowing the proper stock value, investors can experience many difficulties determining the right time frame to buy and sell shares. It's possible to miss lucky buying and selling time slots if you base your decisions entirely on the market value of stocks. That's why it's also essential to keep track of other metrics, such as top gainers.

Top gainers are those companies whose stock prices rise by the largest percentage when the market closes than their previous closing price. The time doesn't have to be precise when the market closes; it can be at any moment a trader prefers. Indexing of top gainers usually starts from the highest top gainers to the least.

Why Track the Top Gainers?

If you are an intraday trader, keeping track of this information can help you identify trading opportunities. This allows you to know the top gainers of a stock market at any time of the day; before the market opens, intraday, and after it closes. That's why so many stock traders track the top gainers as a trading strategy.

Most trading platforms make it easier to track top gainers by selecting a preferred time frame. By identifying the top gainers, you can add them to your watchlist for easier monitoring and give them more attention. The biggest gainers can be good indicators of stock movement, which can help you identify the performance of the market or a sector. Day traders can seize the opportunity presented by top gainers to capture short-term price changes and volatility.

How do I find the Top Gainers?

Trading platforms and financial websites readily provide top gainers in a stock market at a particular timeframe. With some advanced stock market apps, you can specify the time intervals for which you'd like to know the biggest gainers. After getting your list of stocks that are top gainers', it is prudent to do your research further while considering the volume gain and other important factors used for placing any other trade. This analysis is essential in determining whether to buy or sell any stock. Like other resources, Verdasi provides a list of the top moving stocks and displays them in a list of top gainers. Our list is constantly being updated, allowing you to monitor singificant upward movements within the stock market as they happen.

List of Top Gainers

This list of stocks raising in price is throughout the date for the duration of the stock market's active hours.